It’s one of the biggest challenges for students to do writing in class. But for our students it’s not a boredom or trouble as we break the ice with so many graded fun activities.Students get writing assignments due to their grade and English level and teachers motivate and support students to write by encouraging them in different ways. We start with basic everyday topics and examples taken from their lives. If they write about things they are interested in or people they are fond of everything changes. As writing is also a communicative aspect, students can only write about things or events they can talk about. We try to differentiate our writing tasks so that students have the information, interest and courage to write.After

On that day I was the first one to go to school. I put my bag on my chair and I started to wait. Suddenly, I heard a noise saying “ Hey! Hey! Look here!” First I didn’t get it then I looked under my desk and what did I see? Oh that’s unbelievable! There was a frog and I fell down from my chair. I said: “ Did y-you just talk?” “Yes, I did. I’m your best friend John.” I was so surprised and said “Is that even possible?”

One morning, I went to school. It was different. Everybody was running out. Why? I thought. Also the teachers. I went up. It was very dark. I turned on the light. I could hear a strange noise. It was a sound like a frog voice. I went to the classes one by one. And finally the last class. I went to that class, too but I wish I hadn't gone. Because there were so many frogs. As soon as they noticed me, they jumped on me.

Hello my name is Topsy. I have got a twin. His name is Tim. We are from Germany. We were born there. But when we were 1 year old, we came here, to England. We live in England for 15 years. So, we are 16 years old. Our parents permit us to do what we want because of we are 16. Tomorrow we’ll go to Germany to visit our aunt. Our flight tickets are ready. Our flight is at 11.00 o’clock. We will fly from Bournamouth Airport. We are so excited. Because it is our first flight alone.

Eid was approaching. The happiness of going to their homeland surrounded the whole family. Ayşe and Ahmet were very excited. They didn’t always see their grandmother because they live in Kocaeli but their grandmother lives in Erzurum. According to them the eid days were a great opportunity to meet their grandmother. Suitcases were prepared and tickets were purchased but at the last minute some people called dad and say “there is an important meeting tomorrow and you must come with us”.

The sister’s name is Emily and the brother’s name is Tom. One day Tom said to Emily:
-    Emily , I want to go to Thailand. Next Tuesday I think we can go to Thailand.
Emily said:
-    Okay Tom, It’s a good idea! We can go. I think we should take our clothes.
Tom and Emily packed their clothes. And they went to the airport. Tom said:
-    Emily, I am too hungry. Can you wait for me here? I will buy a hamburger and I will come.

I want to see Japan. Because I love Japan. It has got many kinds of food. For example Sushi, Rice, Sukiraki, Onigiri, Sashimi. I would like to speak Japanese. I would like to see Tokio, Hiroşima, Nagazaki. Japan is a very crowded country. The colour of the Japanese flag is white and red. The capital city of Japan is Tokio. Japan is located in Asia. Japanese traditional dress is kimono. Japanese eat with chopsticks.

One day I am very hungry. I go to the kitchen to eat bread. Ohhhh! The ant eat my bread. I look at the ants and the ants look at me. I say “Hello.” They say “Hello.” I am surprised and scared because the ants can talk. Then we smile and I say “My name is Eyüp.” One ant says”I am Jack.” Jack is very small because it is an ant.

My favourite person in my family is my mum. Her name is Seyhan. She is 37 years old. She was born in a village in Sakarya. She is an English teacher and she teaches English to high school students. Her eyes are green and her hair is black. She isn’t tall. She is slim because she doesn’t eat too much. She gets angry quickly when she is tired. She is clever. She is very tidy. She cooks delicious meals. She hates making salad.She is scared of heights.

My brother’s name is Fatih. He is two years old. He is very short. His eyes are brown. He has got straight hair. He is very cheerful. He likes playing with his cars. When you take his cars, he turns into a little monster. He is very energetic. He is noisy. He likes watching television programmes. When you switch off  the television. He turns into a little monster. He is very friendly. He likes playing with other babies. He can’t talk, but he tries. He can only speak a little bit English.

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