It’s one of the biggest challenges for students to do writing in class. But for our students it’s not a boredom or trouble as we break the ice with so many graded fun activities.Students get writing assignments due to their grade and English level and teachers motivate and support students to write by encouraging them in different ways. We start with basic everyday topics and examples taken from their lives. If they write about things they are interested in or people they are fond of everything changes. As writing is also a communicative aspect, students can only write about things or events they can talk about. We try to differentiate our writing tasks so that students have the information, interest and courage to write.After

NAME OF MY APP-Instagram
If you want to have this app, you can open an account. If you don’t want anybody to see your account, you can hide it. If you want to follow one artist, one actress, your relative or friend, you can sent request to them.

Hi Guys! I really love editing. And you? This app will be your address. You can find more than 5000 stickers in it. Everything you are looking for is here. Also Everything is free.

Hello, my dear app users! All of us know that these days we pollute our nature a lot. So I decided to design an app for this problem. All of us use mobile phones. First of all, my app is safe so don’t worry about it.

The name of my app is Coronavirus Finder. You know that these days there is a virus that has taken over the whole world and scares everyone. Coronavirus. People had to stay at their homes more than ever before due to the coronavirus.

I developed this application against coronavirus. As you know, there are many precautions for coronavirus. One of them is washing hands frequently. I thought such a thing as not to forget to wash our hands. This application gives us a notification every ten minutes.

My app’s name is ‘Online Compass’. It is an “online aim app”. Let me tell you. This app is for everyone who wants to do something like learning painting, losing weight or learning to play an instrument. I want to do or learn so many things, so this app is for me, too.

My app’s name is Petchat. Petchat is something that you don’t download in your phone. You download it into a device that you put it on your pet’s leash. The app has got a few languages, horse, cat, dog, bird, rabbit and hamster languages. It changes them into Turkish (or what language you want.)

My app’s name is ConHo. My app is about smart homes, but it has more features. First one is, you can open and close the lights. The others are opening the curtains, arranging the heater and air conditioner. These are the classical features. The different one is opening the door with my new app.

Hello! My app is a very useful application. Its name is Findall. It’s for finding everything in the world. For example, the lost pencils, the lost kids, the people you are searching for… I usually use it for finding my lost phone. I open my application and say “hey Findall!

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