It’s one of the biggest challenges for students to do writing in class. But for our students it’s not a boredom or trouble as we break the ice with so many graded fun activities.Students get writing assignments due to their grade and English level and teachers motivate and support students to write by encouraging them in different ways. We start with basic everyday topics and examples taken from their lives. If they write about things they are interested in or people they are fond of everything changes. As writing is also a communicative aspect, students can only write about things or events they can talk about. We try to differentiate our writing tasks so that students have the information, interest and courage to write.After

One day my mom said: “Why don’t we go abroad?” I said: “I’m afraid of height.” But I also asked:” Where do you want to go?” My mom answered: “To Mexico and we will go today.” I was afraid of travelling by plane but I said:” I can do it.” And I did it. We flew with Turkish Airlines because they give sandwiches. We flew to Mexico in 16 hours and 20 minutes.

Last year we went to Saudi Arabia with my family. We all experienced the happiness of seeing the holy land of Muslims and being there. First, we went to Medinah and then to Mekkah where the Kaaba was located. We visited our prophet in Medinah. We visited many important places such as Haceru’l Esved, the Hira cave and Cennetu’l Baki cemetery.

I was excited because we went abroad and the name of our destination was England. We went to the airport and we got on the plane. We waited for fifteen minutes. We flew. I was very happy. We arrived in England in five hours. We went to the hotel by taxi. Our hotel was very good. We went up to our room. It was very comfortable. I took permission:

Most of the schools have uniforms for students to wear, and there are uniforms in our school too. There are strong supporters and arguments for this issue, but in order to understand the conflict, you must understand all of the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a uniform.

From the beginning of humanity people have always wanted to learn more and more about humanity. Many scientists have been making researches to satisfy their curiosity since then. Many people whereas are against the explorations.

Nowadays countries are spending incredible amount of money on space explorations because the space is tempting. Is really the space like in our dreams? Should we go on with the explorations?

Hey! Be silent! I'm Bob POWER and I'm in a mission with my sister Julie POWER. We are a special family. We have superpowers! I'm super fast. My sister can control plasma matters. My mom, Marie, is quite quiet and she can be invisible.

Tonight, when my parents watching news, I was drawing pictures near them. Then I heard a sound in the news. In the news it said a famous scientist invented a robot and this robot was helping people to do their jobs. The robots were said to be on sale tomorrow. When I heard this news, I immediately said:

Today, the technology has developed a lot. Robots don't need to invade us because tablets, smart phones and computers have already done this. All our personal information is inside a small chip. Our names and surnames, our daily caffeine need… etc. are on our arms with smart watches.

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