It’s one of the biggest challenges for students to do writing in class. But for our students it’s not a boredom or trouble as we break the ice with so many graded fun activities.Students get writing assignments due to their grade and English level and teachers motivate and support students to write by encouraging them in different ways. We start with basic everyday topics and examples taken from their lives. If they write about things they are interested in or people they are fond of everything changes. As writing is also a communicative aspect, students can only write about things or events they can talk about. We try to differentiate our writing tasks so that students have the information, interest and courage to write.After

 Hello dear Big Monster,
Do you remember me? I am İnci. It's been more than 10 years. That is huge! I missed you a lot. I missed my English lessons. Now I am 27. After LGS we moved to Izmit for high school.

Dear big monster hello, how are you, elhamdulillah I am good how is your husband? I am sure you are still working hard like in the past. I am 28 now.

Have a nice day teacher, I am Hatice Kübra Karaaslan, your student from secondary school. Maybe you will remember me maybe you won't, but I know my fault on this situation is big. You know,

Dear Big Monster,

I am Eflin. Do you remember me? I'm 27 now. When we last met, I was around 13. That’s been a long time, I missed you so much.

Dear Big Monster;
Hello from the year 2035. 13 years have passed after we saw each other. I'm writing you from Kocaeli. I haven't moved to another city.

Emma: Yes, teacher my mom said to me that in that year she and her friends were age 11 and she said, they all did their lessons on computer what was called "distance education".

Hi Edibe. I write this letter in 2021. I think you are 28 years old. Maybe you are going to the university, maybe you are a teacher. Maybe you are a famous writer.

Sasha is nineteen years old and she is a teenager. She needs to find a job because she needs to earn her money. She started to look for a job and found the first job.

 As usual, I woke up to go to school. I saw that there was a bird nest in front of the window and eggs in it. I was very surprised when I saw it. I immediately told my mother.

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