One day a dwarf was going to the forest because it must find food for lunch. He couldn’t find anything. First it was shocked because it could always find some food from this forest. It walked walked and walked. It saw a Giant and was shocked. Giant saw it too,

Giant; Which wind throw you here?
Dwarf; I’m so sorry. I just want to find food.
Giant; Hah! You are so small. I can eat you for lunch!
(The Dwarf was Leaving)
Dwarf was running down a mountain. It didn’t know where it was running but it was just running. At last it was so tired and it saw the rain. It was looking for a place to hide. It found a cave but it was so large. He controlled it and noticed that the cave was empty but he heard some noise from the cave. First it got scared and it wanted to run away but he couldn’t because he knew that it was raining cats and dogs. Then, it saw a wizard and he screamed.
Dwarf; Please I want to be a giant because there is a giant and he was kidding with me, can you make me a a giant and can you make him a Dwarf please ?

-Wizard; Hmm maybe. But I can just do it for an hour.

-Dwarf; Thank you so much, Can you follow me to see this giant
-Wizard; Go ahead!

-Giant: Wow, why did you come back thhheee small Dwarf, and who is this?

-Wizard; Abrakadabra....!!!!

-Dwarf; Omg, now I’m turning into a giant yey. How is it possibble!

-Giant; Whaaaat Howw What did you do to my body why am I a Dwarf?
Please I’m so sorry Dwarf. I’m so sorry. Wizard please I want to be a giant again I will never do it again please. (it cries)

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