Once upon a time, there was a country. Some people in this country were given the right to make a wish on their birthday. However, this is not a normal right to wish, anyone can make any wishes on their birthday.

Some people are given because these wishes are made exclusively by the wish fairy.Wish fairies have very special powers and make wishes come true.Wish fairies only make good wishes come true. Also, today is the princess's birthday in the country. A very special dress was prepared for her. A great organization and cake was prepared in the palace. This princess was not like other princesses, she was super kind, smart and good. She wanted to get the right to wish to make her wish come true. Meanwhile, she was given the right to wish depending on how she behaved and what she did that year.The princess was getting ready. She also invited her friends to celebrate. It was time to blow out the birthday cake. At that moment, the wish fairy came and asked the princess to make a wish inside. The princess was very excited and thought: There are many people who dream of this, why don't I wish them a wish?  And she wished everyone health, happiness, peace and fulfillment of their wishes. Once again, it became clear how thoughtful the princess was. 

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