Once upon a time there was a kingdom. The name of this kingdom’s princess was Ariel. Everyone was so unhappy in this kingdom except for the princess. The princess was always very happy and never sad.

Whoever saw the princess would be happy for a minute. For this, they organised a day, once a year, the princess would reach to people and try to make them happy. That day has come, but the princess was never in sight. They searched all over the kingdom they asked everybody but nobody saw her. Then they found a letter in the princess's room, the letter was read: I am the black witch. I kidnapped the princess. If you want her you must bring me thousand gold coins. Then the king first dictated a letter and sent it to all the kingdoms.
‘’Dear kings, I am the king, Jack the third, and the black witch kidnapped my daughter Ariel. The prince who finds my daughter will get married to my daughter.’’
The princes of all kingdoms tried, but noone could find anything about her. Then Prince Jackson went to rescue the princess and saw the princess tied on a chair. He saw the arrrows coming towards him. He escaped from them and came to the princess, then he saw the witch there was a black cloud on her because she did not like the sun at all. We had to find a way to get that cloud away from him. Then he asked the princess, 'Do you have a mirror with you, she said –yes and she gave him the mirror, and then he reflected the sunshine towards the witch. The witch became steam, and Jakson took the princess and went to the kingdom. And Ariel and Jakson got married.

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