I am 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9... It goes likes this and I am in my mid 25 now I need to make my job. I am an astronaut!
My job is very hard because of wearing an astronaut outfit and an astronout cap. Today it’s my duty to go to the other universe. I am not a Professional astronaut.

I am a starter. All people on the spaceship are sleeping, I dont want to go anywere. My spaceship friend is crying and says "I want to get an Adana Kebap :(" Oh, he is crazy. Now I am going to space and I am alone. I am hungry and sleepy.  The spaceship is flying. It is very dark outside. I go to Jupiter and I say “Hello” to the Jupiterrians. I ask them:” How can I go to the Milky way.” The Juppeterian says: "You go go go and stop near Neptun and go near Neptun. The Neptun ailens know how you can go to the Milky Way." What! The professional astronauts say to me first go to Jupiter and leave the milky way. Okay this is not normal!! Okay, you are very sleepy go to your spaceship and sleep until we arrive at Neptun. Neptunnusnusnus are over there. One of them says I am the king of Neptunnus people. What do you want? I answer:” I want to leave the milky way Neptunnusnusnus. (Ah the Neptunnusnusnus is very hard to speak). Oh I dont believe it. I am dreaming. Oh yes and the little people say: Hi! I am Neptunnusnusnus the king of Neptunnus people. Oh No! Oh it is only a dream. I dream and dream :).
Good bye space tour!

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