Hi guys I'm an astronaut in a ''Nasa''. My name is Helen. I'm 22 years old and I like searching the sky. Sometimes, I see aliens. Joke joke haah and today I am going to do the sky inshallah. I am going to Nasa's Base and the professor said:

- Astronaut Helen!
- Here.
- Okay. It’s your turn.
- Realy you find me qualified?
- Yep
- Ahahah
and I'm going to “Apollo 11”. I jump into Apollo 11 and I go to the moon.
I arrive at the moon and look there ooo myy godness there is an awesome creature. I see ailens.
-Don’t scare me!
-Aaa! I go crazy. I go crazy aaaa.
-No, you are not crazy. I'm an alien, a real alien.
-Don't scare me!
-I don’t want to scare you.
-Shall we play a slime game?
-Yes, I like slime.
And we play slime fight it’s so funny. Aliens and me are good friends and I go back to the earth and I say: “I see aliens.”
They say:” I think, she is lying and they go.”
But; its true, they are aliens.

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