They ran to a house. When they entered the house, they saw that the house was very dark. They were scared. There were three buttons at the entrance.

There was also some paper on it, it said “Push the correct button to go to the second test.” They were thinking. Then they did it. There was a second paper. They read it. On it there was "Brjrhbgvksdygfkjksdrvhfbdstukhvnbgjdsthkvbhfdjrd"??? What??? What was that? The elephant pushed a button. Suddenly, there was a hand. The hand took them and pulled them into the room. There were three doors. The paper said: “There is no electricity what do you do? An electric chair or lava? We were thinking and I said "There is no electricity! We can take the electric chair. They escaped from the chair. They were very happy and went out of the house. The elephant ran back to the zoo.

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