I would like to change justice system this world because the world is very unfair for everything. For example, in many countries, men have more rights than women.

It is not official but traditional. I have never seen any men being exposed to violence. Women have always been exposed to violence and this must be stopped. The punishments of those who use violence against women should be heavier. It must be heavy so that people can see what the women suffer and cannot run away.

Another subject is our animals. Animals must be treated well. They are also alive like us. Imagine if they took you and tortured you. How bad is that? Who wants to be tortured? Who wants to be hurt for a care product? Someone has to say stop to it!

 Another one is racism. What a bad thing people judge people by their skin colour, weight, height and many other things like that. Too bad and how sad! And put yourself in the shoes of those people and think a little bit. You would be very sad. Have you noticed what a bad world we have? We surely are not aware of it. If you knew, you would be upset like me.

We the people on earth should realise the injustice and then do the best!

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