If I had a chance to change something in the world I would choose the Uyghur genocide. China has been bullying East Turkistan people for a long time.

Chinese government doesn’t allow Uyghurs to live their religion, fast, pray etc. If a police sees an Uyghur woman wearing headscarf, he puts her in a concentration camp. She can’t see her family while she is in there. They also force East Turkistani children to work in cotton fields for no money. Some lucky of them are able to escape to other countries such as Turkey.

I have an Uyghur friend named Merve who lives in Istanbul with her family right now. They escaped from Chinese genocide in 2008. Merve’s mother couldn’t see her family since then. She doesn’t even know if they are alive or not.

There are foundations all around Turkey that help Uyghur families like Merve’s. Thanks to these foundations Uyghur children can go to school, adults can work and they have better lives now in Turkey. We the Turks need to help our East Turkestani brothers and sisters more.

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