Sara had never planned being on another planet. Luckily she had a space translator. She could use this with talking with space creators. Sara loved space travel.

She flew to space with her rocket almost every day. Somehow today one of the rockets engines malfunctioned and the rocket went the wrong direction. And eventually she landed on this planet. Sara looked around if she could see anything. The planet was light blue and it had really flat terrain. It wasn’t hard to see at all. Sara also noticed that there was oxygen in the air and small ponds all around. She took off her mask and started to walk where she could see some light. After a short walk Sara realized that the light was a city. She felt scared and relieved at the same time. What if the creators were not friendly and would attack her. But it was too late. The guards saw her. Sara had nowhere to hide. The guards caught and took her to their leader. When they arrived the leader asked her where she came from. Sara said that she came from planet earth. The leader was shocked. He always wanted to visit the earth but he had no time. He said to Sara that he could let her go if she told to people that they wanted to visit. Sara agreed and they gave her a rocket so she could fly home.

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