I said:” I think, it is the hardest thing ever.” Murat said “Yeah hard.” Ali said: “Let's meet at the backyard.” Everyone said “OK”. We met at the backyard. “

Here is what we can do? “Zeynep said “Guys! I will give you some pieces of paper and you can write what you want to do on them and I will count your choices anddd... I will select the most wanted choices.” İrem said: “No, you can't because we need to select what everyone picked altogether not you alone. That wouldn’t be fair.” Everyone agreed. Zeynep, too. Irem and I voted for playing online games because we can't go out so we thought this idea would be the best. However we had another problem. I mean “WHEN?” Ali agreed my question and asked: “Which time is suitable?” Ecrin and Hüseyin said after the online school but this question arises one more question. “BUT WHEN?” We decided to have the meeting after we did our homework and they asked:” When shall we do homework?” So we can think about what time is suitable. We decided one hour after dinner "21:00" We planned our enjoyable meeting and wrote everything down. After that day we used the plan every day and we had a good Ramadan because we chatted online and learn everything we wanted together.

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