Whenever Ramadan is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is fasting. Yes, it's also fasting and Qur'an month. In order not to waste this life that has been given to us and to live in accordance with the consent of Allah,

we should not forget for a moment the responsibility of "being human", which is imposed on us by doing things that will win our satisfaction. The month of Ramadan is an invaluable blessing in terms of raising this awareness for us; it offers us unique opportunities to recall our responsibilities. Because Ramadan is the month of Quran, contemplation, fasting and patience. It is time to be free from mistakes and repent sins. Ramadan is a time of piety and gratitude; it is the month of sharing and solidarity in which the poor, the needy, the homeless, and all those in need reach their hands. With all these aspects, Ramadan is a time of enlightenment that will bring our world and the hereafter to peace and happiness. As Muslims, we have responsibilities towards each other. The most important of these is to love people and to respect their rights, to give them confidence and to do good deeds. Of course, there is the terawih prayer, which consists of 20 rakahs. It is a prayer specific to the month of Ramadan. I am trying to spend the month of Ramadan as qualified as I can because this month comes once a year and I don't want to feel regretful when Ramadan is over.

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