It was time to go to school but little dinosaur didn’t finish his breakfast. He asked his mother: "Mommy, I don't finish my breakfast? Please I have food in my bag.

" His mother said: "Okay but eat your food in the school.” The little dinosaur nodded his head to mean “Yes” He got into his mother's car, fastened his belt and they drove off. His mother said: "Come on Metehan we came to the nursery school. But Metehan was afraid because he didn't know anyone. The mother dinosaur realized Metehan was afraid and mother dinosaur said this "Metehan I am sure that you will get along very well with your new friends at school. If you are shy and can't talk to your new friends, in break time go to secondary school and tell your sister everything and she will help you." "Okay mommy, see you later." said little dinosaur.  "See you later Metehan." said mother dinosaur. Metehan had a lot of fun in the lesson. Metehan went to his sister's class in the break time and said everything. Beren said " I'm proud you my little dinosaur." The school was over Metehan and Beren got into their mother's car, fastened their belts and went home. When he got home he told his parents everything. Metehan loved school very much.

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