He went upstairs and got dressed. He wasn't scared like other kids and his mother took him to school. Finally he came to school and met with his friends and teachers.

The first lesson he couldn’t find his pencils. The second lesson he again lost his items. He got angry and went to his teacher's and said ''Teacher, I can’t find my school items '' and looked at his teacher. His teacher stood up and looked at the class and asked: ''Who took little dinosaur's pencils '' (silence)

She sighed and said: ''If no one says what happened to little dinosaur’s pencils, I will give so much homework to everyone.” And all children said: ''Please don't give so much homework!'' One of them stood up and said: '' I took them. '' Little dinosaur was surprised because he didn't think it would be his old best friend. He came and gave his pencils and said sorry. Little dinosaur said: “Why did you do it?” “Because, you don't play with me or you don’t draw a picture. I feel bad you forget me...'' Little dinosaur hugged him and said: “Sorry!” '' From now on, I will never forget you I’m sorry '' His friend looked at him and said: “No problem.” When school finished they went home together.

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