He get closer on. He is very excited because he goes to the same school with his besties. He packs his bag. Now they are ready to go.

He thinks about the homework because in kindergarten the homework was very easy but his big brother says in primary school homework is little but a bit hard. He is a little nervous about that. Then his dad says, come on we have to go. He says, okay and they go to the school. He hears some noise something like his name he turns around and sees his besties. He is on cloud nine. Then he runs to his besties and says I miss you soooo much. They hug him and he hugs them too. He says come on my dad is in reception we can ask the classrooms we are in. They wish they are in the same class. They run to the reception and ask their classrooms. The receptionist says you are in the same class with your friends. They are so happy for that but it is lesson time. They have to go. They are a little bit late but just 1 minute. They say sorry to teacher because they are late. The teacher says; it’s okay. You can sit. Then the teacher says go to your cupboards and find your English notebook. His besties can find their notebooks but he can’t. He said no way I put it here. They try to find it but they can’t. He says that to the teacher. She says to everyone put your bag packs on my table. The teacher controls the bag packs no there is just one back pack on her table. She can’t believe her eyes there is no notebook too. He is really upset about that. In the break time his bestie sees a notebook on the window side. He asks him; is it your notebook? He says; Yesss thank you. The problem has finished. When the lessons finishes, he goes to his home with his mom. He tells everything that he lived in school today and also he says today is the best school day in my life.

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