Hello! I'm a little dinosaur and my name is Dino. Today is the first day of my school. I wake up and go to the bathroom and I wash my face.

Then I go to the kitchen because I want to eat breakfast. I go to kitchen and I feel very happy because my mom cooks delicious breakfast. I love it! I wait for my family and we have breakfast. When the breakfast finishes, I go to my room and I take my school bag and my dad says:

-Dino please, be quick. You don't want to be late on the first day of school.

I say "Okay dad!" and I go to our car. We arrive at the school and I leave the car. My dad says "Have a good day! Goodbye Dino!" and I say: “Goodbye”. I'm very excited and go to school. I ask where is 1-B? And she says follow me. The attendant showed me my class and I went to it. My teacher says "Oh! Hi Dino. Welcome to your new class." And I say:

"Thank you teacher. Where do I sit?" Teacher: "You can sit next to Jack"

And I say: “Okay” I sit next to Jack. In lesson we introduce ourselves. We learn very good things today. And I have lots of friends. After school, my dad comes to take me and my sister.

I tell him how my day was at the school. My family is very happy that it was good.

When my bed time comes, I go to bed, read a book and I sleep.


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