I brushed my teeth and I am in the year 400. I am very happy and sad. Dinosaurs are very dangerous. Trex are bigger and it has very short arms and small hands.

Trex says; “Hello my name is Trex. What is your name?” I say; “My name is Dana. Where I am?”

Trex says;” You are in year 400.”

I say;

“Whaaaat?” and I am very sad. I went to home. I was very happy. I went to bed.

And the next day I washed my face and hands. I had breakfast and I brushed my teeth.

I ate lunch and watched TV. I went to Dino at the playground. I played with Trex.

And I went home. I did homework. I ate dinner. I read Quran. I ate popcorn. And I went to

bed and I slept.

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