I’m Beren. I live in Huntersville, I don’t like watching the news but today I want to watch the news. What’s that? President Kamile says: “Today our army saw an alien and we found who he is. His name is KR but we call it Carrot head because it has an orange head. Be careful in Huntersville. There can be more aliens. Don’t go outside.”

While I was sleeping, I heard a scream. I went outside. I saw Berra and Buğlem. I asked them: “What are you doing here? Are you crazy? Did you see any aliens?” Buğlem said: “Beren, be quiet! I saw an alien and screamed.”
Next day, Beren and I went to Buğlem’s house. I took my green neon light with me. I held the light on them very carefully so that they didn’t understand anything. It was unbelievable. I saw their green skin. They didn’t like the light and I didn’t tell them this but told them:” Sorry girls, I have stomachache.” I went out.
I knew that everyone can be alien. So, I changed the streetlights. I saw that everyone was an alien. I went home very quickly because I knew they wanted to get me, too. I called Buğlem and told her: “Hey Buğlem, can you come over to my house?” She accepted and said: “Okay, Beren. I will come.”
When she came, I tied her with a rope. And I started to force THE ALIEN inside my friend’s body to tell me how I could get my friends back. After a few hour, he said me everything. “If you find your friend’s body and recite the surah el-Fatiha, your friend will get rid of us.” And I saw it was KR because it had an orange head.
All of a sudden it ran away. I needed to find my friends. Where were they? I followed KR and caught it. “Hey, tell me! Where are my friends?” “I don’t know where your friends are.” “Talk KR or I will make you speak!” “Okay you annoying girl! They are in Ali Bayezid’s house. Will you set me free?” “Of course not. I will give to the Turkish National Security Team.”  
When I went to Ali’s house, I saw Ali, Eymen and Abdullah. I said: “How ugly you are!” They became angry and said: “We will take you, too.” I said: In your dreams you can do it.” I read the surah El- Fatiha quickly and all Hunters came out from a place. We were so happy. They told me that Explorersville was also taken over. We looked at each other and headed to Explorersville.

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