Actually, this is scary because I don’t know who the aliens are. I can’t trust anyone. I will lock my door when I sleep. Suddenly, I wake up because I hear a loud noise and it is so scary. I go to the living room. Someone is there. He / She notices me, runs to the window and jumps out. I can see who she / he is. I will tell this everyone tomorrow.

“Good morning, Yezra.” I say cause I see Yezra and walk to her. She looks very tired. I say: “Are you okay? Did you sleep yesterday?” Yezra answers: “I can’t sleep but I really don’t know why. You know, I am a sleepy person.” I feel bad for her and say: “Okay. Let’s go to the cinema center.”  
Don’t think we are going to watch something after the aliens attack us. We will speak with the villagers and try to find the aliens because so many people have disappeared. When we reach the cinema hall, Abdullah is waiting for us. More and more people come and when the hall is full we start to speak. I don’t say that I saw someone in my house the previous night. I ask everyone: “What did you do last night?” Someone says: “I heard someone was walking at night. You can think it is normal but it was so late and everyone needs to be at home at night because if she / he is not scared at night, he / she can only be an alien. Right?” I ask: “Did you see who it was?” “Yes, I saw. It was Yezra.”         I can’t believe my ears. “Are you sure?” I ask “I saw her too” says Ecrin. “Yes, she had a scary face.“ says Beren. I think:” Whaaat! Yezra! Yezra said she couldn’t sleep all night so she was it. She was walking at night.” I say: “Yes, I think it is Yezra, too.” I look at Yezra. She is crying. I feel bad for her but she took so many people. I need to report her to the MIT. Ali and Ahmet Salih go and hit her. I am crying. Ecrin Naz is hugging me and closing my eyes. Ahmet Salih and Ali are dragging her out. She is looking into my eyes full of tears. MIT is waiting outside. She is still looking at me and just me. When I sleep I still see her in my dreams. She is looking at me with full of tears and she looking just at me.

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