Aliens conquered Huntersville. I must save my village. First I learned how they did it and what their weakness was. I called Eymen and he said when they bite people, they turn to an alien. I asked if he could come to my home.

I knew he was an alien, too. So as soon as he came home, I ran into kitchen. I poured some salt on the ground and he couldn’t come. So, I used salt and he froze. But I was very sad because of my friend. Then Eymen was back. We promised to avenge. We took salt and put it in an armor and we spread it on all of the aliens. But just not their captain. It’s still in the World. I took Ali and Yusuf. We found the captain but it took thirteen years. They had an army we destroyed the army but our salt finished. We sent the last aliens to Mars.

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