Long ago, there was a town named Hunterville. The citizens with the name Hunters were so happy before the aliens. One day some friends sat at a cafe. After a few hours, they left. One of the friends felt so different after they left.

Then also others had the same problem. Next day, Ecrin Can, Ecem Can and Zülal Can turned into aliens. First, it was not a big problem but after one week it changed so much. They affected everybody so that all Hunters turned into aliens. Only Ali Can and Eymen Can didn’t become aliens. And they were so sad because they wanted to be aliens too. While they were sitting in the park, alien Ecrin Can came. She wanted to turn them into aliens. Ali Can and Eymen Can were so happy but Kamile Teacher didn’t accept this and protected them. She was against aliens. Ali Can and Eymen Can were sad again about not turning into aliens. Ali Can wanted to find an antidote because his best friends were aliens! He went out and tried something and thought it can be a garlic. He tried and discovered the antidote! He went to Kamile teacher and they rescued everyone.
Happy End

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