Some aliens took over the bodies of Hunters. The aliens were very dangerous but the good thing is they could only attack at night. The first victims were Berra and Beren. The head of Huntersville, Kamile, noticed the loss of the victims and they started to work.

But the next night the new victims were Ecrin and Ahmet. I was wondering about why they took Ahmet and finally found the answer. Because Ahmet is the commander of HSA. (Huntersville Security Agency) Next night there were no victims. Beren returned and said “The other victims have turned into aliens except me, I could survive.”
Everybody was happy except me Eymen and Abdullah. Because we knew Ahmet is stronger than Beren. So how could she escape?
Two days later there were only six of us left: Me, Eymen, Abdullah, Yusuf, Beren and Kamile. Eymen and I found a new invention of glasses. You would look at someone and it would detect if they have an alien DNA. We looked at Beren and found out SHE WAS AN ALIEN AGENT. At night, we entered her home and took the Ultra Mega Boombast VIP Card. We took the card and entered into a UFO. We helped the victims to escape and took an antidote. As soon as we injected it, they became human.
At the end we saved everyone.

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