It was 3.00 am at night in Huntersville. I wasn’t sleeping. I was studying for the verbs quiz. Kamile teacher said: “If you don’t study, you will write the verbs you don’t know 50 times.” Because of this I was studying. I heard some awkward noise.

Then I looked out of the window and saw a UFO with big lights and heard some science fiction music. I took a photo and slept because the next day we had an important quiz. When I woke up, I called all the people in Huntersville and showed them the photo. I said: “Look there are aliens!” All of the Hunters said: “Are you showing it now?” They yelled and I said: “But I was studying for the quiz.” Then the wise person of our village looked at the photos and said:” I know them. They are the MFI aliens.” We asked:”Whaaaat? What are they like?” He explained us everything about the MFI aliens. “The MFI aliens attack at night and they take their victims one by one. They enter into the bodies of human. At the end all the villagers become aliens.” I asked: “Is there an alien among us at the moment?” We looked at all of the Hunters. Then Ecrin said: “Beren is an alien. I saw her last night.” I was surprised and looked at Beren. She said: “No, I was sleeping at night.” Buğlem said:” Yes, she was sleeping. We had a pyjamas party.” Then we all looked at Ecrin. The wise person said: “Take Ecrin to the purification area.” We held Ecrin from her arms and put her to the purification area. We tied her because she wanted to escape. She screamed: “Buğlem is a big liar. Please it’s not me!” The wise person said: “We will see tomorrow if you are a liar or not.” And we went home and slept. When we woke up, we went to the purification area. Ecrin closed her eyes. The wise person also came and looked at the pond’s colour. The water in the pond turned into pink. “She is not an alien!” said the wise person. We looked at Beren and Buğlem. “They are the aliens!” Then they turned into the body of aliens and caught all Hunters except me. Hunters screamed. I asked the wise person:” What do we need to do?”  “ Take this potion. It is for aliens. It will not hurt them. They will only faint. Then we will tie them and wait for them to come to themselves.” I went near them and poured the potions over them. They fainted. We put them into the purification area and they became human. All the Hunters became very happy. Then they heard Kamile teacher: “Where are my Hunters? You know we are going to have a verbs quiz.”

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