I watched a video about an equestrian. An equestrian is a person who rides horses. Her name is Esme. In the mornings, she starts feeding her racing horse. She sprays down her horses because she notices the flies. She also applies sun cream for her horses. She is careful not to ride her horse Casper because the temperature is too hot. 

Later in the day, she puts on fabric protection to protect her horse from the flies. I noticed that Esme likes to talk with her horses. To keep the horses healthy, she cleans the fences so that the horses can eat the grass. She uses a pitchfork to clean. She reuses the manure for her grandparent’s garden.
She also takes care of her chickens by feeding, cleaning and collecting eggs. Later she grooms her horse by combing and cutting its hair. Then she saddles the horse to ride. Next, she sets up the jumps and poles to practise. This was Casper’s first ride in 3 weeks. Afterwards, they are hot and tire because of the ride.

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