My best friend came to stay with us in Ramadan. We were having so much fun together. My friend said, “Shall we watch a movie until sahoor?” I said: “Okay, Ceylin” and we turned on the computer to choose a movie together. We chose the movie together. Then we popped popcorn.

It was about 2 o’clock. My friend was sleepy. But I was not sleepy at all. My friend said “Dilara, I’m going to sleep”. And I said “Okay, Ceylin I’m going to read a book”. While I was reading a book, Ceylin had already fallen asleep. At a quarter to 3, I heard a voice. However, there was nobody in the house except Ceylin and me. Ceylin was asleep. I opened the door to check what was going on. I had turned off the lights. There was a great shadow. I immediately closed the door and locked it suddenly. Then I woke Ceylin and said, “There is someone in the house. My room had a secret door that led to the attic. We immediately took one of our phones and ran there. As soon as we escaped, we called the police very quietly. The police came in 10 minutes and searched everywhere. But I couldn’t find anything. I talked to neighbours who were awake. Nobody saw anything. Security cameras of the house were checked, but there was nothing. 5 minutes later something was seen in the hall. This was the shadow I saw. The cops approached him and examined it. It was just a toy. It looked like this because the shadow of the toy had grown. It was already sahoor time, so we made sahoor and slept. After this moment, I did not like toys very much.

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