Hello my name is Nisa. I want to tell you about my Ramadan diary. I like the month of Ramadan. Because I like crowded tables. My grandma, my aunt, my cousins everyone gets together. My mother cooks the iftar meals very well. We have a neighbourhood fast-breaking meal every year.

Everyone cooks some kinds of meals. Our fathers set the tables outside. We put the chairs. We put the chairs later because we play games outside. We play dodge ball, volleyball, blind man’s bluff, hide and seek. We eat a lot at iftar because we are very tired while playing. After the meal is over, we ran to the ice cream shop. I eat strawberry ice cream. My friend Ümmü always eats chocolate ice cream. Our fathers make tea while our mothers chat. I like these iftar days. Everyone is very happy when we are together. We pray and then everybody goes home. This is how we celebrate Ramadan.

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