Hi, my name is Alice. I'm 12 years old. I have a puppy. Her name is Candy. She is one year old. We have a great time with her. We were very tired at the end of an evening of playing games with Candy. So, we wanted to sleep. Candy slept first that’s what we thought. Then we all fell asleep.

I was tired but I couldn't sleep. I noticed a sound coming from inside. The sound came from the room where Candy was. I went to her room and started watching her from the door. Candy had messed up the whole house. All her toys were scattered and some of the sofa cushions were on the floor. Even though we didn’t notice, Candy was doing it every night. However, she had never made so much noise before. I went closer to Candy and started petting her head. Candy wasn’t running anymore. After waiting for a while, we cleaned up the house quietly and I took Candy back to her place. I waited for her to sleep. This time she slept. And then I went to my bed. The next morning, I didn’t say anything to my parents. It was a secret between Candy and me.

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