Do pets sleep at night? If not, what do they do? Here comes a story which can be answer. A naughty puppy woke up while its owners were at sleep. First, it went to the kitchen. Little puppy, tried to find some food. The puppy was smart, so it tried not to make noise.

It was getting closer to the fridge... and BOOM. The puppy broke all the plates. Its owners woke up and tried to put the puppy to sleep. The puppy slept but woke up again. The kitchen became a failure, so it decided to try the living room where the dog food was stored. The puppy looked for the food everywhere and finally it found it! The food was next to the TV. But unfortunately, it made so much noise that its owners woke up again and caught him. But they were late, the dog ate his food was happy to complete the night’s mission.

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