If I had the chance to have a chat with a person from the past I would speak to our prophet. Because he was a wonderful person. And my first question would be about “Miraj”. I would ask him: “Could you speak to Allah on that night?” “How did you feel that night? Was is frightening or exciting?”

I would also ask him questions about other topics like “Was it difficult to be a prophet and even how about now? Do you sometimes check on your ummah?” “Are you sad about what’s going on?”  And my last question would be: “Do you love me?” Then we could go to his house. His house smells like roses. It was clean and nice. And then I see Hazreti Hatice. She is very beautiful. And I ask her a question, too. “Dear Hazreti Hatice, did you have any difficulty in supporting our Prophet?” And then when she answers my question, we climb up to the Hira cave. It has a great view, and our Prophet says: “This is my cave; I love it.” My time is up and my alarm clock rings and I come back to our time. I’m so happy to meet our Prophet and his wife.

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