One day while I was walking in the park, I saw something. It was shining. When I went there, I saw a ring. Suddenly, it flew and jumped on my finger. I put on the ring. Something amazing happened. The ring created a gateway, and I went into it. I went to a different place in the same park through the gateway.

I saw Lion Man there. I was scared and ran away. When I saw the big tree, I realized that I went to the end of the park. When I turned back, I saw Lion Man again. It attacked me and then I saw a twinkling in my ring. The ring flew and punched the Lion man. Finally, we beat Lion Man. I think the ring was very strong, and the ring’s fist was very strong too. I thought about what to do with the ring. I donated the ring to the Kocaeli City Museum. When you go to Kocaeli City Museum, you can see the ring. It is shining in its own container.

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