While I was walking in the park, I saw a yellow thing. First, I thought it was rubbish. But when I came closer, it became so shiny. I went closer to pick it up. Soon, I picked it up. It was a ring! There was an interesting script in it. I tried to read it, but I didn’t understand it. I wore it and a voice said: “You have three wishes. They will come true.

But we have rules. The rules were: 1-) You can’t have more wishes. 2-) You can’t wish something dangerous for the Earth. 3-) You can’t wish something dangerous for mankind. By the way, I didn’t care for the rules. I immediately said: “I want to have infinite wishes!” The voice spoke angrily. “We have rules!” and it talked about the rules again. Know what I said? I said: “I wish there were no rules.” The voice exploded full of anger “No you can do that! You have two wishes left. Your first wish is gone.” And I said,” I hope that wish comes true.” Know what? That wish came true. I had one wish left and said: “I want to have infinite number of wishes!!” And then I wished for the peace of the world. Then, I wanted people to be respectful, and happy. Then, there weren’t any poor people. As a result, everyone was HAPPY!

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