One month ago, I was walking around the park and saw something shining. I went and looked at it. I realized that it was a ring. I saw a note in it “Make three wishes and they will come true” It was very interesting because it was just like Aladdin’s story. Then I made a wish “Please, I want to get good marks on my exams.”

Then I took it and went home. When the results of my exams were announced, I was very surprised. I was happy to know that I had two more rights. I made another wish.” Please, I want my mum to get better.” I made this wish because my mum was very sick and in the hospital. I was very sad. Right at that moment, my phone rang. It was the hospital. She said, “Your mum has recovered, and she is coming home.” I was very happy, and I realized that I had one left. I smiled. I thought and found my last wish. “Please, I want to go to heaven when I die.” When I said my last wish, the ring suddenly disappeared. Then I went on with my life. When I die, I will see if my last wish also comes true.

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