One day, my mother came into the room and asked, “The weather is very nice today, why don’t you go out?” Actually, my mother said this because she was cleaning. She wanted us out. My brother immediately jumped out and shouted, “LET’S GO TO THE PARK!” My sister ran to her room because she didn’t want to go out.

So, I said, “Get ready” and went to my room. I put on my brown jacket and tied up my hair. I took my phone and some money. My brother had already put on his shoes and was waiting for me. After I put it on too, we went to the grocer’s first. When my brother got what he wanted, we left. Then we headed towards the park in our neighborhood. We arrived at the park. My brother ran to the slides. So, I sat on a bench and lined up the things we bought. I took the food out of the bag and put it on my lap. While I was about to put them aside, something fell in front of me. I picked it up. It was covered up with purple light. It was smaller than I thought. When the glow faded, I realized it was a ring. It was beautiful. It had three tiny diamonds on it. A purple vapor was floating inside the diamonds. I wanted to put the ring on my hand. There was a sound when I plugged it in. It was the sound of diamonds cracking. I took it off thinking it wasn’t suitable for my hand. The vapors inside the diamonds had come out and were floating in the air. But it wasn’t spreading. I was trying to understand what happened. At that moment a voice came. I don’t understand where it came from. “Hey, I’m here, in the ring.” “Who are you?” “Forget who I am and look how lucky you are!” “Why?” “The vapors came from three diamonds, right?” “Yes.” “You have three wishes. Whatever you wish will come true thanks to these vapors.” “Is this a fairytale or something? I thought of Aladdin’s magic lamp.”  “It seems ridiculous to you, but this is something I do every day.” Without thinking, I made my first wish. “I want the war to end in every country.” “Good choice!” A few of the vapors floated away in the air. “Where is it going?” “Your wish will come true.” “Didn’t it take long?” “No, it will soon go back to the broken diamond and close the cracks.” “Who would think of such a thing?” “What about your other two wishes?” “It won’t happen. I just wanted the children there to be happy.” “Then let the vapors take their place.” The vapors separated into equal amounts and entered the diamonds. A light was emitted and the diamonds regained their former shape. “See you later!” The ring was gone from my lap. At that time, my brother came to me and asked for what we bought. I opened it and gave it to him. A notification came from my phone.
“The wars in Palestine, East Turkistan..... are over!!”

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