Once upon a time, there was a duck named Şakir. He lived happily in a big forest and loved to explore every day. One day, some scary hunters came looking for Şakir, but guess what? Şakir had special powers! He could turn invisible and fly super fast. So, the hunters couldn't catch him, but Şakir got lost.

Şakir missed his mom and dad a lot. They searched everywhere for him, but he was playing with his friends and didn't know how to get back home. His mom and dad got really worried and called the police for help.
Finally, the police found Şakir and sent him back to his family. When Şakir saw his mom, he was so happy! They hugged, and everyone was happy that Şakir was safe again. From then on, Şakir knew he was loved and never wanted to leave his family's side again.

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