Şakir is a duck and he lives with his best friend. Şakir has a secret. He is an agent. One day, Şakir woke up to a screaming sound. When he came to check, he saw his friend's feathers. Şakir was so angry, so he went to his secret agent's place and got his plane. He found his home's cameras and checked them.

There was one kidnapper and his friends. Şakir used his scrambler and realized the kidnapper was his old friend. Şakir checked his radar while he was flying his plane. After 10 minutes, Şakir found the kidnapper's home. Şakir went to the kidnapper's home. Suddenly, kidnappers arrived and fought with Şakir. But they were so easy for Şakir so his old friend came and fought with him. After fighting, Şakir won the battle and sent them to prison. Then Şakir got his friend and went home.

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