This is Şakir. He is so excited because today is his birthday. He and his friends are going to celebrate in the forest. Around 3.45 p.m Şakir gets on his bike and rides it to the forest. When he came to the forest, he couldn’t see anybody except another duck. He asked to that duck:

-Did you see three ducks nearby?
-Hi, I didn’t see any ducks. I’m sorry.
-OK, have a great day. Bye!
    Şakir walked around to see his friends. But he didn’t realize how fast time goes and the worst part is he gets lost in the forest. It was getting dark and scary outside. Şakir heard something. It was coming to him! Oh… it was just a cute rabbit. Şakir laughed to himself.
After a couple of minutes, he saw a hut. He decided to enter the hut. Then he shouted:
-Hello is there anybody?
-We are in the kitchen!
    Şakir thought, “This voice isn’t strange.”. In the kitchen, he saw his friends! They said:
-Happy birthday Şakir!
    Şakir was very happy. One of his friends said:
-Where were you? We are worried about you.
-I thought we were going to meet at the entrance.
-No, we said, “We are going to celebrate in my wooden hut.”.
-Oh, that makes sense. But we are still together and happy. Let’s cut the cake. Hurray!

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