When I was a child, I was happy but my parents were very sad because my sister was kidnapped. I loved my sister. My sister was very pretty. We had a big house but my bedroom was small. There was a big garden. I played volleyball and football in the garden. There was a big living room.

There were twenty-one chairs in the house. The walls were ice blue. The floor was brown. In the evenings we went amusement park. There were bumper cars, water rides and haunted train in the amusement park. My parents and I got up early. We got on the bus. It was very funny. My school was very small. There were two classrooms. Sometimes I walked to school. I had a lot of friends. I had a toy. My doll’s name is Zeynep. I had two books and a big notebook. I never watched TV. I read a book, but I was very happy.

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