To be honest, I didn't know how many toys I had. To be sure I had lots of. Anyway, how many toys I had is not so important. That one toy was the most important for me. That toy was a doctor set my grandpa gave me as a gift before he died.

The reason he gave me such a gift was because I wanted to be a doctor when I was little. I wanted to be a doctor very, very much. I used to buy and paint coloring pages related to doctors and medicine and I put plasters on my toys. And for my birthday, I wanted a gift like doctor set from my parents, but they didn't buy me one, but my grandpa did. I didn't tell my grandpa that I wanted to be a doctor directly, I think he understood it. I was very happy. It was a gift given to me on my birthday. My grandpa bought me a purple doctors set because he knew that I loved purple. I'm not sure if the toy is still there, but I think it can be in our old house. I will go and check if it is there and take it.

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