When I was five or six years old, I had so many toys, but my favourite toys were my race cars because they were so exciting, and they can be played by multiplayers. My second important childhood toy is Maviş. It is a bear. Its name is Maviş because it is blue, and it is so cute. I’m twelve years old but I still play with it.

I had a Fenerbahçe ball. I bought it when I was two years old. I liked it so much. One day while I was playing with it and making too much noise, my mom took and cut it. I had so many animals. When I was seven or eight years old, I had a zebra, a hippo, a dinosaur, a fox, a tiger, a lion, a dog and may others. And I had so many trees. I built a zoo and played with my sister. Last but not least, I had a nerf. I always go out with them, and we play with the nerf so much, but we always lose our bullets. When we don’t find them, we can’t play.

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