I was returning home from school on Monday evening when my mother called me on the phone and told me that she wouldn’t be at home. I was happy to be left home alone. I immediately entered the house. It felt strange as it was quiet, but I didn’t mind and went to my room. After I did my homework, I was on the phone.

Then I heard a squeaking sound at the door. I thought it was my mother, so I ran to the door, but I didn’t see anyone. I tried to ignore it. I thought it was coming from the neighbours upstairs and I ignored it. However, the sound got more and more, and I started to get scared. I didn’t realize that the time had passed while I was on the phone. It was 8 o’clock. It was dark and the squeaking sound gave the impression of being in a horror movie. I turned on all the lights in the house, checked all the doors one by one. There was just one door left. The door inside my closet in my room. I didn’t see it before. The door was right there. While I was checking it, I realized that the sound was coming from inside my closet. While I was opening the door, I noticed a black screw. I thought it fell down and tried to put it back, but it wasn’t the screw from the door. While I was searching for the screw, the door opened. The door opened from inside the closet. More precisely I saw my mother and father, I had difficulties while asking as I was so shocked. But when I asked, my father said, he said, “You are very interested in rooms like this, so we thought of something to surprise you.” Okay, I was very happy but is this how you surprise me? I thought I was in a horror movie but at the end of the day I was very happy that I had a secret room where I could escape from the guests’ children.

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